Computer Room Cleaning Services

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Throughout the 1980's the rapid growth of technology market provided unique opportunities for companies such as Value Facility Services, Inc., (VFSI). As the technology world changed, our services evolved right along with it, giving rise to the most reliable service company in the industry. Our services include Computer Room indoor air quality testing services, zinc whisker remediation, zinc whisker testing, zinc whisker consulting services, site audits, raised access floor replacement panels, plenum and sub floor cleaning services, post construction cleaning services, computer room raised floor cleaning services, carpet cleaning services, exterior as well as interior cleaning of all computer equipment, computer room sub floor sealing services, leak detection systems, raised access flooring and HVAC cleaning. All of our sub floor sealants and cleaning agents are non toxic, non corrosive and non flammable and are compatible with all pedestal adhesives and computer room environments.

Other services were added including our 7X24 disaster recovery service. When fire, smoke, flood or water damage your Computer Room, Data Center, Clean Room, or office environment, speed is essential to minimize further damage and you can always count on our quick response. The restoration begins at the moment you contact VFSI. This full service offering made the company a premier environmental service company for data processing centers and computer rooms.

Our Corporate mission is focused specifically on our customers. The goal at VFSI is to provide solutions for businesses. We will always guarantee our service, and we will never disappoint you. We will always promptly respond to your concerns regardless of how small it may seem. We want to know! Our staff is filled with motivated people that give 100 percent of their attention to whatever they are doing. We set goals and make commitments to these goals, and as a team we win. We recognize that our only purpose is to serve you, the customer.