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No we don't build Data Centers but Value Facility Services, Inc. complete computer room care helps keep more data centers running newer and longer then anybody in the business. Most people think computers, being electronic devices, don't require any mechanical maintenance, but this is not so. Many computer faults are caused by components overheating due to poor airflow in the case because of a buildup of dirt and dust over time. It's worthwhile cleaning your computer hardware annually or even more often if it is in a particularly dusty environment. The inside of the computer is the most important part of the computer that needs to be cleaned. If you want to prevent overheating this is a good place for Value Facility Services, Inc to start cleaning your computer room. Especially if there has been construction in your data center. "Keep it Clean".

It is obvious that customers play an important role in any company. Customers are always aiming to get maximum satisfaction and value from the services and products they order. Building customer relationships means delivering superior value over our competitors. Whether an organization provides quality services or products will depend on the customers feedback. We have collected just a few comments from our customers and their feedback in regard to our service and products and we wanted to share them with you. Here is what our customers had to say about our service quality.


"I wanted to introduce you to Bernie and Justin from APC. We worked with both Bernie and Justin during the build of our Data Center and they recently performed a site visit. They were very impressed with the job that you did with our equipment and our Data Center and requested your information. Thanks again for a great job", John

"Value Facility Services, Inc has provided an excellent service from the past to the present for us. I am very thankful to have them on board maintaining the Data Center, not only inside / outside but the AC area and the condensers. I just want to share my appreciation with the management team for Value Facility Services, Inc excellent service", Gordon

"Thanks for the great work at OKC", Guy

If your Computer Room has been damaged by a recent flood please contact us immediately for service at 800-583-8374 ext 22. We will remove the mold, the excess water, clean under the raised floor, seal the sub floor, clean the top of the floor, clean inside and outside the HVAC units. If your computer room equipment requires internal cleaning we can perform this service for you. We like it clean and the first step in overheating prevention is making sure that the insides of the computer equipment is kept clean. We will also clean all of your environmental support equipment and the monitoring systems beneath the raised floor.

Excessive amounts of mold and certain types of mold may present health concerns for your work environment. It is essential for the health of you and your employees, as well as the protection of property, to address the issue and arrange for professionals to conduct mold removal and mold remediation as soon as the presence of mold is identified. Moisture control is the key to mold control. When water leaks or spills occur indoors you have to act promptly. Any initial water infiltration should be stopped and cleaned promptly. A prompt response and thorough cleaning, drying, and/or removal of water-damaged materials will prevent or limit mold growth. Remediation includes both the identification and correction of the conditions that permit mold growth, as well as the steps to safely and effectively remove mold damaged materials.

Value Facility Services, Inc. (VFSI) is the Computer Room Cleaning Company for the 21st Century. Value Facility Services, Inc. will clean your Data Center and make it immaculate and spotless and free of contaminants.

With over 30 years in the industry we have certain beliefs about our business.

We believe to stay ahead of the competition you need to increase productivity, reduce downtime and improve safety with proven methods and products you can trust. We believe you should not purchase services based upon brochures only. We believe every customer deserves a customized solution. We believe that the sale of specialized products and services requires a high level of expertise and advice. We believe Value Facility Services, Inc has a world of solutions for your growing needs. We believe we exceed our customers' expectations by being the leading provider of safe, responsive, value-added services for the Data Processing Industry. We believe our Computer Room Green Cleaning program goes beyond chemical and equipment choices. It includes policies, procedures, training and shared responsibility efforts that minimize the impact of cleaning materials on the health of building occupants and protect the environment as a whole. We believe Computer Room Green Cleaning is more than switching a few products; it’s about effective cleaning to create healthier buildings and at the same time reduce environmental impacts. We believe our services should be used as a productivity tool. We believe dedicated professionals deliver excellence. We believe satisfied customers are loyal customers. We believe our services will leave your Raised Floor and Non-Raised Floor completely unblemished and clean. We believe we are a valued business partner. We believe in our heart that we the best at what we do, because we will deliver exactly what we promised to deliver, no matter what.

We offer sub floor cleaning services that include the complete cleaning of all tracks, pedestals and vented floor tiles and we will leave the under floor plenum devoid of restrictions or encumbrances and debris that can do harm to your computer hardware.

Our professionally trained technicians will meticulously clean all cable systems and other equipment beneath the raised floor.

In addition, we can provide you with sub floor sealing services to prevent concrete oxidation. Value Facility Services, Inc. sub floor sealants will leave your sub floor free from dirt, stain, or other impurities that may be present beneath your raised floor system. Most construction companies use the wrong sub floor sealant during the construction of a new data center. Most computer room cleaning companies use the wrong sub floor sealant after a computer room has been built. All data centers have dynamic environments. Using the wrong sub floor sealant will have consequences that will affect your data center both long and short term. "Get the facts".

Our computer hardware cleaning services encompasses a thorough and complete cleaning of all exterior casings as well as the interior of all computer hardware devices if requested. Value Facility Services, Inc. employs a three (3) step process for cleaning computer hardware devices. Our service is designed to protect and shield your environment when we are not there. All cleaning agents have been approved for use in computer environments by all major computer manufacturers. We clean the inside of all electronic equipment, including all servers and their related interior components.

The surface of the raised floor we will clean and remove all the ink, grime, scuff marks and embedded dirt restoring the raised floor access panel to a like new condition.

Value Facility Services, Inc. is a complete facility wide service company for your Technology Center, Computer Room, Raised floor area, Telecom Room, Printer Room, Sorter Room, Command Center, UPS Room, Server Room and Network Room. When it comes to Data Center Cleaning, Value Facility Services, Inc. has several Class A Contractor licenses. Value facility Services, Inc. also possesses a State Environmental license. We are well qualified to work and clean your sensitive cables in your sub floor.

It does not matter if your Data Center is a 200,000 square foot area on raised access floor or a 50 square foot Network Room on non raised floor, Value Facility Services, Inc will clean the entire room, including the interior of the equipment and the sub floor area beneath the raised floor. We will maintain the cleanliness of that controlled environment for you.

Excess heat in a server rooms adversely affects equipment performance, shortens its lifespan, and leads to a premature end of life for equipment. Keeping a server room at the recommended 68 ° to 77 ° F (1) is not an easy task. There are many factors that make cooling today's Data Centers a significant challenge, including high-density computing clusters and rapid changes in technology.

Value Facility Services, Inc proprietary Thermal Conductive Coatings will reduce energy costs for your Data Center. Value Facility Services, Inc has developed proprietary energy efficient coatings that could save you up to 20% of the cost it takes to cool your data center. For example, it cost approximately $140,000.00 a month to cool a 40,000 square foot data center. Our product can provide you with a savings up to 20% in power and cooling usage. This savings could equate out to $28,000.00 a month or $336,000.00 a year. The savings over 5 years with this one time investment could be as high as $1,680,000.00 in this example. We have installed over 5 million square feet of this coating.

We have the knowledge and experience of raised floors and Data Centers to bring you a complete package of seismic services to compliment our ever expanding line of products. We furnish and install Seismic Bracing Systems for server racks, computer equipment and cables. Cable braces are typically required on pipe and duct runs. Most of the time this type of bracing is overlooked in Data Centers. If a custom engineered solution is what you need, Value Facility Services, Inc can provide an engineer consultant for layout and design of seismic braces. We can even provide a custom fabricated solution if the situation requires.

Value Facility Services, Inc is a professional corporation specializing in the engineering, design, installation, and testing of commercial computer room grounding systems for industrial applications in new or existing facilities.

We provide trained experienced professionals, who are dedicated and committed to exceeding your level of service requirements each and every time they are called upon to perform. Good indoor air quality is essential to the health of your technology center, your office environment and your employees.


If you are building a new Data Center our services start with the removal of Computer Room cable debris and installation construction dust during the Post Construction Cleaning phase all the way through to an on-going scheduled maintenance program for your Computer Room facility. Consistent and precise cleaning is essential to maintaining an optimum environment for all existng Computer Rooms and Data Center environments. Value Facility Services, Inc will provide and customize a maintenance program that will fit your maintenance needs. We offer services that are critical in the care and protection of all controlled computer environments. Value Facility Services, Inc also offers National Sales, Service, and Maintenance Agreements. We can offer you the following services and products for your data center.


Computer Room Cleaning Services

Zinc Metal Whisker Testing Services


Leak Detection Systems For Raised Floors

Computer Room Cleaning Services

Under floor Cleaning
Raised floor Cleaning
Computer Equipment Cleaning
Sub Floor Sealing
Post Construction Cleaning
Daily Construction Cleaning
Zinc Whisker Cleaning
Non Raised Floor Cleaning
Vinyl Conductive Tile Cleaning
ESD Tile Cleaning
HVAC Cleaning
Mold Cleaning

Computer Room Testing

Indoor Air Quality Testing
UPS Load Testing
Corrosive Material Testing
Leak Detection Re certification
Raised Access Floor Load Testing
Fire Suppressant System Testing
Computer Room Thermo Testing
Battery Cell Testing
Zinc Metal Whisker Testing
Ferrous Metal Testing
Mold Testing


Computer Room Site Audits

Zinc Whisker Remediation
Zinc Whisker Consulting
Electrical Power
Capacity Planning
Building Feeds
Transfer Switches
UPS Systems
Leak Detection Systems
Fire Suppressant Systems
Cooling Systems
Cable Management

Raised Floor Panel Replacement Services

Computer Room Emergency Cleaning Services


Data left Subfloor Cleaning


Computer Room Access Floors

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Pedestals Bases
Pedestal Heads
Perforated Panels
Multiple Floor Finishes
Ramps and Railing Repair
Seismic Bracing
Threshold and Fascia Repair

Emergency Cleaning Services

24x7 Emergency Cleaning Services
Flood, Fire, Water and Smoke
Disaster Recovery Strategy
Contractual Arrangements
Disaster Response
Resuming Normal Operations
Damage Assessment Team


Computer Room Products

Cable and Network Racks, Floor Pullers
Water Detection Systems
Security Systems with access control
CCTV, and 24-hour monitoring
Backup Generators, Battery Units
Cooling, Grommets
UPS Systems
Power Distribution Units
Power Management Systems
ESD Control and High Efficiency Air
Filtration Systems

Our success is due to the fact that we bring solutions to our customers, giving you immediate direct access to the worlds most experienced team of technical experts and to an extensive portfolio of high tech equipment and services. VFSI has established a reputation for its high standards in the quality of its products and services. Our management and people are committed to quality improvement and paying strict attention to the specific requirements of our customers. We are your single contact for all of your specialized environmental needs and we will not disappoint you. Expect Innovation, because we are on the cutting edge. Satisfaction Guaranteed. You'll find us wherever you need us.

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